KOHAR’s New Year Contributions

11 Jan 2013


US $150,000 to South-America Armenians
US $50,000 to Syria-Armenians

KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir is appropriating US $150,000 of its South-America
concert tour ticket proceeds to local Armenian schools, cultural entities and programs, teachers
and individuals of various backgrounds, who have continuously fostered the Armenian alphabet
(AypPenKim), culture, song and music.

KOHAR, firmly believing that Armenians can survive only by sustaining their culture and
heritage, once more donates the proceeds from its concert ticket sales to the efforts to safeguard,
preserve and promulgate the Armenian identity.

KOHAR, also being cognizant of the current calamity in Syria during this festive season,
allocates US $50,000, a reasonable portion of the South-America concert tour ticket proceeds,
to the needy Armenian families of Syria, so that they continue in their efforts in preserving their
Armenian identity during these grave and critical days.

KOHAR continues its dedication to preserve Armenian national heritage.

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