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22 Jun 2011


“I would like to thank HAYASA Productions for giving me the opportunity to attend the spectacular KOHAR Concert on 28 May 2011.

The concert was superb with it’s set up at the Liberty Square and the fascinating 3D mapping and projection of images on the Opera House, that transposed into Armenia’s history from Noah’s Ark to Armenia’s national symbol Ararad, then our rich Alphabet and reaching to the historic Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, which made me proud of being Armenian and for being in Armenia – Heaven on Earth!

KOHAR with this fascinating and unforgettable concert that was the largest ever KOHAR concert to be hosted in Armenia, set an eternal flame in my life that will be cherished for many years to come…

Thank you KOHAR and thank you HAYASA!

Best Regards

Liza Baboyan -Dagher”

Liza Baboyan Dagher from Lebanon – grand prize winner of the KOHAR Facebook Competition. Liza won a complimentary return flight to attend the KOHAR concert on the 28th May, in Armenia.

Aram Tiraturyan second prize winner of the KOHAR Facebook competition had the following to say:
“A unique and fascinating concert. Apart from the musical performance, the light show was magic for the public. Many thanks to the organizers for making such a concert a reality in Armenia. Really impressive.”

All prizes were sponsored by HAYASA Productions Ltd

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