Transformation of Liberty Square

1 Jun 2011


It’s pretty hard to imagine that just a few days ago, 4 days to be exact; Liberty Square hosted the KOHAR with Stars of Armenia concert.

Most recently Liberty Square was home to many construction workers, architects, light and crew engineers all adding their professional touch in preparation for the KOHAR Concert. Today the Square lies peaceful in its own splendor.


One often forgets the people factor, the extreme hard work and dedication into staging a concert of such grand magnitude. Preparing for the concert began months ago and yet building up to the final day and just minutes before the grand opening, the HAYASA Productions LTD team were still adding those final touches.


The building of the amphitheatre that would house over three thousand KOHAR followers took almost two weeks to erect in its final form. A great deal of planning and thought was taken into consideration, as it was important that the audience and camera crew were able to capture the grandeur of the performance on stage at all times. Every possible detail was taken care of, as this was the largest ever KOHAR concert to be hosted in the Republic of Armenia.

Patron of Armenian culture Harout Khatchadourian would ensure the thousands of people attending the concert at Liberty Square, Opera House in the heart of The Republic of Armenia would have something to remember long after the glitter and fireworks had burned out.


Watch the KOHAR 3D Mapping at Opera, Yerevan 28 May 2011

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