Veraganknir Guiliguia (Restore Cilicia) Preview Video Clip

21 Dec 2010


verakangnir kilikia

KOHAR Live in Concert in Zouk Mikael’s Roman Amphitheater, September 2010

HAYASA Productions LTD presents a preview clip of its upcoming DVD production:

The magnificent new song, “Verganknir Guiliguia” (Restore Cilicia), was composed exclusively for KOHAR by Gusan Haykazun (Kousan Haygazoun), which was performed exclusively and for the first time during the live concerts of KOHAR in Zouk Mikaël’s Roman Amphitheater in September 2010. The song turned out to be one of the most favorite pieces in the program that thrilled the audiences even more as they waved with pride and dignity the flags of the Kingdom of Cilicia provided by KOHAR. The participation of the audience with KOHAR was a memorable aspect of the performances as the performers and the audience merged as one in their yearning to witness the restoration of Kingdom of Cilicia to its past glory.

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